Bedlam Women

Bedlam 3

Bedlam I
Eliza Griffin 1855
Oil on Canvas
43 x 58.5 cm

Forthcoming exhibition 14th November - 8th December 2017
Three Painters
Jacqueline Alkema, Mabli Jen Eustace, Llinos Thomas

Bay Art, 54/56 Bute St. Cardiff Bay, CF10 5AF

I have always been interested in exploring the traditions of iconic imagery within contemporary women's portraiture.
Producing dark but intimate portraits, often using my immediate family as models and the idea of giving anonymous or unknown women an identity appeals to me.
Influences are early Dutch and Flemish paintings.

Layers of meaning and mystery are achieved through the painting process.
Paintings develop through experimentation and intuition but with an awareness and control of the media used.

Childhood memories and emotional experiences are recurring themes in my paintings. Domesticity and sexuality issues also underpin my work.

J. Alkema 2017.

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